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Can't access config in BG2 without reseting resolution

Guest BenO

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First off, awesome mod! I have been wanting to play BG2 again for years and am doing so now primarily because I discovered this mod. Thanks!


Sencond, I have indeed read the "common problems" thread where this was semi addressed, but the solution does not work for me.


Anyway, on to the problem. The mod works great except for black boxes that appear on the screen when things die and at other times too. I have an NVidia graphics card which is, according to the "common problems" section, the cause of said problem. In "common problems" it says:


BG2 and HoW (TotLM) are fixable directly from their config program:

BG2(SoA+ToB, including Tutu, Classic Adventures, and Big Mods): there are various graphical issues (black boxes and/or randomly-colored lines across the screen), which are solved with the following tweaks in BGConfig: Hardware -> Enable 3D Acceleration. Display -> 32 bit. 2d & 3d options: enable 3D Animations, 3D Acceleration and 32 bit textures, disable the Disable Vertex Padding option.

IWD1+HoW(with or without TotLM): I don't know if there are issues in this game; however, Graphics -> enable all save Sprite Mirroring didn't cause glitches.


Now the problem is that when I enter BG2config and enable of that stuff, it resets the resolution to shit. Then when I reinstall the mod, all of the tweaks that I made in the config are then reset. And around and around i go. I was wondering if anyone else ran into this problem and what they did to fix it. Thanks!

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The first result in Google for me is the mod's home page at G3 (and I don't even see that site in the first three pages), so (unless it was a sponsored link), you might either have a virus on your computer and/or your ISP is messing with your web traffic. Conditions #2 and #3 should be fixed at all costs - your computer-savy friend(s) should be more than able to fix them if you can't do it yourself.

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