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[No Action] Dreaming of Bodhi


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Hi everyone and sorry again for bothering,



but yesterday,as I was progressing with my playthrough (currently chapter 4),something strange happened;as I went to rest (outdoors) I had this strange dream about Bhodi.


Spoiler ahead:



I dreamt I reached her chambers,with a pool of blood in the middle,and she pointed laughing at a dead body (probably my romantic interest,which is Xan,but not sure);when I woke up though,there was no banter,no dialogue,nothing,and I had to rest again in order to sleep for real.



End of spoiler.


At first I thought it may have been a glitch of tutu,confusing some bg1 files with BGII ones (since as far as I remember Bodhi was in BGII);but the descriptions were so detailed (although unvoiced,like usual) that I had this doubt it might be some new quest/addition of the project,and since I've found nothing in the readmes nor the forums so far,I decided to came here and ask :blush:


I apologize in advance if I missed mention of this event in the readmes;thank you kindly to whoever will answer this :laugh:



Have a nice day!

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I think Domi didn't add a RestParty() on purpose, when she graciously coded it for me. Consider: you are deeply in love with someone, and you see a terrible dream about seeing him dead with no hope of resurrection. You awake - are you sure are you rested?


(It's the same with "Xan's nightmare" flirt early in romance. I was a little confused at first, too, but perhaps it makes sense).

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