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V.16 bug reports thread.


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As I'm running through BGI again, this time with a full party I thought I'd start this thread. Its a change of pace for me as a solo player by and large, but I've had a vague suspicion for a long time that solo games are easier than full party ones, and I want to see if its accurate beyond simple confirmation bias. My party is as follows;


Rip Steakface - level 2/3 Ranger/Cleric dual-class.

Kagain - level 3 Fighter.

Montaron - level 2/3 Fighter/Thief multi-class.

Imoen - level 4 Thief. (Will dual-class to Mage at level 7 Thief)

Viconia - level 4 Cleric.

Edwin - level 3 Conjurer.

The party has already killed Drizzt (12,000 exp and the games two best one-handed weapons is too good to pass up) and is currently on the way to the Gnoll Fortress to kill Dynaheir for Edwin. Drizzt is a melee opponent, and is unfortunately no real threat if you run a target around so you can cherry-tap him to death from range, I used Kagain as my sacrificial lamb and luckily I didn't get him killed. All of my party got a level up after his death.


Found no bugs yet, and will post my Weidu log in another post upon finding one.

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Ilyich here, my current playthrough will be delayed temporarily while my laptop gets fixed. As far as progress goes, I'm about to enter the Nashkel Mines and have found no bugs yet, although I found it odd that Dynaheir did nothing at all when I attacked her to resolve Edwins quest.

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Didn't want to start a new thread. I don't remember this being reported, but golems at Thalantyr's are hostile.

Good idea of boosting experience in the beginning though :)

Did you talk to Thalantyr? They should become harmless after you do that: this is how the original worked. There are a few clues in various dialogues as well (doesn't the theif out the front allude to it?)

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