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v5 report thread


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Shall I just use the hotfix, or anything cool planned for the v6?

Unless something else comes up the current hotfix should be equivalent to v6, except v6 will include a custom inventory icon for the Kangaxx component ward stones.

Alright, no biggie then ( the Kangaxx component seems working fine btw, I found a wardstone on the shadow dragon and w/o that I coudn't open a sarcofagus )


Sorry to hear about your character, but that's what make no-reloads interesting, right? :laugh:




I survived hordes of enforces summoning pit fiends in the middle of the promenade with fireballs and ice storms throwed by unlicensed casters decimating the Athkatla population, while paladins and legionaries ran after my reputation 1 party... and then a couple yuan-ti mages ended my Bhaalspawn career :blush:

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Hi, Wisp.


My partner and I recently began new playthroughs with your lovely mod installed. Unfortunately, without your most recent hotfixes. It's a bit late to restart now, so could you please tell me what items have been removed from our game?


The debug log can be found here.


Thanks very much, and thanks again for your beautious randomiser. :blush:

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