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Do you play as your Son/Daughter?


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I didn't notice this is the FAQ, so I thought I'd ask. Will I be playing as my Character who has gone from BG TotSC, through BG2 SoA and ToB? Or will I be playing as my son/daughter? From what I remember, you're only 22 or something in BG2, so thirty years later would make you 50.


Being a high-level Bhaal Spawn, I think it'd be quite reasonable to stay youthful, even at 50--especially for elves and dwarves (who already live to be so many hundred years). Half-orcs tend to live shorter lives, but of course you are a Bhaal-spawn. It could lead to interesting story and romances, where they say, "What? You were in the battle of XYZ!? But... you couldn't possibly be--" "I am 53 years old, precisely."


My other question is, will we see some of the NPCs from BG1 and 2? An ageing Minsc would be a novel character to have. The elves and dwarves you knew would still be alive and kicking, lest they had met unnatural ends.


Finally, will there be elements carried over from the last two games? Lets say I killed Viciona in BG2, and she was going to be an available NPC in Shadow Hand, will she now be dead in Shadow Hand and unavailable? What if Aerie had a child in ToB, a child who will now be thirty--will this be a possible NPC you can bring along with you (that would be so awesome)?



I'm sorry for all the myriads of questions. I'm just highly interested in this mod, and wished to ask about these particular subjects of interest. If you need any help with story/quests/dialogue, I could attempt to help.



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Playing as the PC's son or daughter would be extremely difficult to set up. Just in the vanilla game, you could have a half-gnome half-avariel child, since Aerie romances gnomes. Or a half-drow from PC/Viconia. And that's not counting mods. For example, Gavin is human, but will romance a female PC of any race - so if the two had a child, they could be a half-dwarf or a half-gnome.


It's also not possible to check for player actions in BG2, since this is a Tutu TC. Would have to be done via dialogue.


The NPCs have already been revealed, and Aerie's child is not among them.

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Guest The Imp.

The player character will be the original character's son/daughter...

But, since there is no importing from the earlier games to anything but the primary character and that's really not the point, the character can be what a standard D&D game has = the same as the BG2. There won't be any specifics mentioned on who or what the BhallSpawn was... but in a way he will be part of the plot, and you'll meet a few of his friends, though you won't get them to join... so you won't be having 22 level drow priest called Viconia from the start, as the TC is done to start from level 1, but they can give you quests to do...

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