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What does Intoxication (when you drink too many ales at a tavern) effect, in Baldur's Gate..? I can't work it out. Does it effect nothing? If so, someone sohuld create a minor mod, which causes intoxicated characters to be interesting. Bonus points if there were dialogues which fired when a character is drunk.

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More mods adds to drunken chars. My memory fades a bit which does, but I do remember BG1NPC makes something about Xan, and Gavin also does something.


AFAIK you get some drawbacks on dice rolls when intoxicated... and the more drunk the more drawbacks... but I'm a bit unsure about this.



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AFAIK, BG1 Gavin is the only NPC to use intoxication level as a banter trigger. If Xan does, it isn't in BG1 NPC. My memory of BG2 Xan is a bit shaky since v2 was the last one I played, but I seem to recall him scolding the PC if she got drunk, but there weren't any real banters about it.


I was working on an insanely tight deadline with BG2 Gavin. I knew that I only had two months to finish the mod before I would have to scale back on modding bigtime. I had to make sacrifices, and one of the things that got cut were the "drunk talks." He only has two: one with Minsc, and one with Anomen. And they are scripted badly, so if you get Gavin drunk when both of them are in the party, you get both banters at once. Which sucks.


There was a mod project discussed at PPG about introducing drunken banters for the various BioWare NPCs. I hope that someone will either complete that project or write another one someday.

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Although I despise drunkenness, I am surprised the option in BG/BGII has been used so little, what with the (over)popularity of alcohol and the state it causes.


I know Fade NPC has a drunk scene, but it doesn't require Fade or any other character to actually have the intoxication status.

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