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BG2 Tweaks- Drow item disintegration


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I've had some problems with your component: my drow items, thanks to your mod, became completely sun-proof!


I'll only refer to the SoA part of the game, as I haven't seen the ToB part.

I've seen that your mod requires a timer to be set: In AR2500.bcs, it is set almost immediately, and then, whenever it expires, the Baldur.bcs script checks something and sets it again.


This means that the timer is only set the first time you exit the BG2-underdark, and it won't work until you reach that area.


I'm not sure of what will happen if you exit the underdark, do all checks, and, for instance, after losing them all, you go back into the underdark and get some new ones.


In DSotSC, though, there are Drows as well: As the Baldur.bcs sets the DROWITEMCHECKDONE variable to 2, this means that their item won't disintegrate until the end of SoA.


Finally, I think that your mod should only set the timer if you're outside and at daytime: I don't think there's much sun in the vampire lair in Athkathla, for instance...


Another suggestion is that, in my opinion, the smallest items will stay less in the sun: the probability should be higher for armor, cloak and shield than for daggers and bolts

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