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A new total conversion


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Inspired by some silliness over at TeamBG, I've decided to pursue a new BG2 total conversion. In a similar vein to the Tutu project, I am working on a port of BG2 into the greatest RPG engine 3VARRR!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!.


Here are some screenshots:



Arrived at the de'Arnise Keep. We need to get the gate open for Captain Arat!






W00t! Defeated Firkraag and now I have Carsomyr.



Almost out of the Spellhold maze, and here comes Bohdi (in vampire bat form) right on cue.



Nearing the battle with Irenicus, but first I must defeat Nizidramanii'yt to get the Golden Goblet.

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What? Adventure for the Atari had graphics? Isn't that cheating?


(If we're talking about the same Adventure, that is. The main challenge in the text-based Adventure was figuring out where you were and what would happen when you typed "go to the south-west". Usually what happened was that you got lost and quit the game out of frustration. I don't remember any dragons, though, so it might be a different game. Or perhaps the dragons just weren't to the south-west.)

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We should probably start a new thread on classic video games. :D


I played River Raid for the Atari 2600; is it the same game? My faves for the Atari 2600 are pretty much any Activision game (Pitfall and Robot Tank especially), Adventure and Warlords. I still break out Stella and play them occasionally.


For NES, it's all about Super Tecmo Bowl, Bionic Commando, and Legend of Zelda.

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