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IR appears to be incompatible with the most recent version(s) of SCS which assign BG2 type weapon proficiencies to npc fighters; some part of the SCS general ai improvements strips BG1 style proficiencies ("large sword" etc.) from all fighters (they usually had several...) but IR doesn't appear to account for this and enemies can end up wielding weapons they aren't proficient in.


Edit: Yeah I just checked, the "replacement" column in itemlist.2da is based on the assumption of creatures still having BG1 proficiency, i.e. a 2h sword can replace a long sword


Edit2: I suppose if mode 2 is used you can work around this problem by installing randomizer before SCS, then the SCS macro will give creatures proficiency in their new weapon, but SCS takes a long time to reinstall if you want things randomized for a new game...

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