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About one mod... Probably dead, but quite interesting


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Reading some forums, I've found some notes about mod called "Prophecy of Alaundo", mod that was suposed to enhance plot of ToB. Because I'm extremely interested in any ideas about ToB, I'm looking for any informations aobut it. Post mentioning this mods are ~2005 year, so I supose it's dead. But if anybody knows something about this mod, it would be great.

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Maybe you're thinking of Wheels of Prophecy? Though I don't think it's that old.


"Prophecy of Alaundo" was an old large-scale project to radically restructure Throne of Bhaal. I don't know anything about it, except that it's thoroughly dead.


My "Wheels of Prophecy" attempts something rather similar on a much smaller scale. Other than that, the two are independent.

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On old CoM forum I've found info, that here, on G3 was hidden room for PoA. But I can't find any info about it. Maybe, if somebody from PoA team is still present, he/she could think about releasing some notes/scripts/ideas from this mod for public? I think It could be extremely interesting to see complex ideas of re-writing ToB.

And yes, I know about WoP, but I'm asking aout PoA.

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Well, well, well...


Yes, PoA was a ludicrously ambitious concept to take the core idea of ToB and write a vaguely interested and twisty-turny plot around it. General ideas included:


- The Five became the Seven and their emissaries were the cowled figures at the end of SoA

- Allying yourself with members of the Seven and double-crossing them

- The Siege of Suldanesselar as the prologue

- Returning to wrecked Saradush

- Some of the Seven as joinable NPCs

- A huge battle at Boareskyr Bridge

- Amelyssan not out-witting Bhaal. In fact he was counting on it...


It would have been awesome but would have required a huge workforce and a ridiculous amount of time to craft. Oh well.

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Seven? Who was suposed to be 6th and 7th member of Seven.


Besides that, it's funny, cause I'm working on my mod (currently in polish only) but I've included cowled figures, and now been thinking about Siege of Suldanesselar. Not as prologue, but as revised fight with Illasera.


Returning to wrecked Saradush.

IMHO more interesting could be moving fight with Yaga-Shura to Saradush.

It's quite easy thing to make Yaga-Shura's Camp version with broken gates of Saradush, and to extend fight to Saradush.


Imagine that. Entering to Saradush. Fire Giants, and Gromnir's army fighting everywhere. Somebody tells You, that Gromnir is Fighting with leader of giants outside his palace. You moves there, and see cut-scene where both of them are fighting. Gromnir is still alive, because you alied with him before. YS says "here you are Charname. It's time to end this." He kills Gromnir, and fight begins. Gromnir's soliders still fighting there, and you have to kill YS, and to get outside here.


Hmmm... It's nice to dream, isn't it?


But it's still bothering me. Who was suposed to be 6th and 7th member of Seven.

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