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Fall-From-Grace Level Up Glitch In Planescape:Torment


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Hello. I'm playing this game for the first time, and having a blast. However, I've run into a problem.


I've only just gotten Fall-From-Grace and Ignus into my party, and Fall-From-Grace is ready to Level Up for the first time. However, whenever I click the Level Up button on her stat screen, regardless of where I am or who's in the party, the game crashes and I get the following error message:


An assertion failed in F:\Torment\Source\baldur\CRuleTables.cpp at line number 1327.



For further information, I'm playing on a Dell Inspiron 1525, with the official patch, a full install, and the following mods, listed in the order of installation:


The Bigg's Widescreen Mod

Ghostdog's User Interface Mod

Qwinn's Fixpack, Unfinished Business, and Tweaks Mods (in that order)


I pretty much followed this guide doing it.



What does the message mean, and how can I fix it?

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