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Is it possible 640 x 400 resolution?

Guest Jinn

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I'm playing Baldur's Gate 2 and love it (a little bit too much). I have small laptop with 1280x800 resolution, but if I put the game in that resolution, everything becomes so small and the game is not very thrilling anymore (first, it's hard to read anything)... So I'm playing it 640x480, but it's let out and blurred... I think if I can make it 640 x 400, everything will be bigger and clear. But Widescreen mod, which is great by the way, doesn't let me use less than vertical 600 (guess it's due to the character pictures?). Still... I would like to ask if it is possible to make it 640x400. Thank you for your time!

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I would try the WSVGA resolution, it's 1024x600, it's the same 16x10 setting as the 1280x800 res has... or cut it to 960x600... if your laptops video cards settings allow that, if not, try one that it allows, but it cannot be anything under the 800x600(the bigg has said that a version that has the limit of 640x481 can be done)...

1280/800 = x/600 yields x=960, not x=1024, even if netbooks use 1024x600.


Also, I could make a 642x482 version, not 640x481 :beer:

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Not really - the BG2 interface is designed for 640x480 and higher, and doing less than that would require an absurd amount of work (you need to redesign the GUI, resize the portraits and buttons, research a ton of exe offsets, etc.). You can try 960x600, or use 1280x800 and larger fonts.


Thank you for the reply! I already tried 960x600, but it doesn't let me to use the fullscreen mode (it stuck on the upper left side of the screen like window mode without window frame). Is it because my video card doesn't support the resolution? Is there any way to make it work fullscreened?

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Also, I could make a 642x482 version


642x482 version would have been very nice enchancement to the mod.

Many people play infinity games on laptops and 960x600 is too high for such screens.

Picture is very small and most of the atmosphere is lost.

Original 640x480 is nice. But i prefer 768x480 or 800x500.

Widescreen allows to see more of the environment, feels better.

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