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V6 hotfix


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Please note: This hotfix is inherently incompatible with your current saved games. You can not continue from an old saved game if you reinstall Item Randomiser with this hotfix, regardless of whether or not you chose to preserve saved game compatibility when you reinstalled the mod.


The hotfix is for version 6 of Item Randomiser and you apply it by extracting it on top of your current V6 mod folder. You should be asked if you wish to overwrite files. Answer yes.



  • The Ring of Djinni Summoning and the Ring of Lock Picks should no longer be found in duplicate if RR's Shadow Thief Improvements is installed.
  • Spellhold Spirit Troll and TorGal should now drop their proper items even if the G3 BG2 Fixpack is installed.
  • Spellhold Spirit Troll, Malakar +2, TorGal and Drow by Underdark exit moved to Mode 2.
  • Addition to main BG2 location list: North Forest people as tier 3.


If you want to be sure the hotfix was properly applied you can check your weidu.log file after the mod has been installed. The entries for Item Randomiser should say "v6, hotfix<some date>".

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