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Over the years, I've managed to collect a decent amount of mods for BG2, and thanks to GOG releasing BG, I've gotten back into the series. The problem, of course, is that I've got so many mods that I don't know what order I should actually INSTALL them in. I'm hoping someone here can help; a list of the mods I'd like to use follows. (I'd also appreciate it if you mention any components I shouldn't install.)


BG2 Tweaks v9

divine remix v7

kitpack v6

song and silence v5

sword and fist v7

alternatives v9

ascension v1.4.24

assassinations v8

banterpacks v12

bg2 fixpack v9

d0questpack v23

g2anniversary v7

gminion v2

item revision v2

npcflirt v1.02

npckit v3

oversight v13

romantic encounters v5

turnabout v1

unfinished business v19


....So 20 mods. Any help would be appreciated, as I'm lost.

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The BiGWorld install .bat file just closes after about a minute, and when I start BG2, there's no evidence of any mods (no kits from Divine Remix or Sword and Fist, for example).


Also, is the order the mods are listed in the BigWorld.pdf file the same order that they're installed in? If so, I might just go through and manually install them; BiGWorld seems like too much work right now....

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Try the BiG World Setup instead. It's pretty easy - just make sure you put your mods in the BGII/BiG World Downloads folder then select only the mods you want to install.


And yes, you should follow the order in that .pdf for those mods you want. If you've "only" got 20 mods, you could install them manually. Just make sure you've got the latest versions.

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