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The Original Tiefling Sisters thread...

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I was just looking at www.sporeboy.com and came across these two great pics:




I think these would make great NPCs! Two Tiefling sisters. They would both be romancable (but not both of them!) I think the first one would be the younger and be more sweet and caring whereas the second is the slightly older and slightly more mature and horny (Excuse the pun!) one. The dialogues of them both trying to get on your good side (through various different methods) would be great! However, I think if it was ever made then having two different female writers for the two characters would be a good idea. And maybe a third male writer for Charname's responses!


I think if they are rejected by Charname then both of them could have alternate NPC romances:


1st Character: Good Anomen or Kelsey

2nd Character: Bad Anomen or Viconia



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When I first saw the picture on the left,I thought "trill?"..... :D


Anyway,with sisters the banter would be very interesting.Especially with everyones favorite teifling bard.It sounds like a great idea I think.

There is that trill element to her neck yes... Well there's always the flirt '<NAME> just how far do those spots go down?'


I just need to convince two people to write the dialogue for them...

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If I was a woman I'd do it  :D

Yeah thats the thing. I'm perfectly willing to come up with responses to two beautiful women trying to seduce me! But finding two people to write for the beautiful women... thats the hard part!

Actually,I think the hard part would be finding two women who match those personality types."Excuse me,are you sweet and innocent or older and horny?"

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Actually I imagine that any of the good writers who work on BG2 mods would be able to put themselves in the frame of mind of the characters.  For example I think Bri could probably write both although I think (for some reason) she'd be better at the second sister!

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It wouldn't hurt to have two people writing the mod though.It might be a bit harder cause they'd have to coordinate,but I'm thinking it might get things done faster.Definatly an interesting idea though,I'd like to help in anyway if you ever got started on it.

Yeah I think discussion on MSN/AIM would be a good idea. It would be easier on some lovetalks because the person who's lovetalk it is (e.g. Sister 1), their writer would write the dialogue and then the second person would come up with interjections etc. It would require a lot of work but should hopefully come up with interesting and realistic characters.

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"1st Character: Good Anomen or Kelsey

2nd Character: Bad Anomen or Viconia"



:D  :D  :D


so if the pc is female, the second sister will be romanceable??? :D  :D  :D


got names yet???


please, no dax... :D


this actually looks very interesting project...and like the bioware 3, who continually snipe at each other until the pc commits, that infighting and conflict actually is one of the funnest part of the romances...so the sisters will actually come ready with conflict dialogs and cutting in built in...cool!!!


what classes will they be???  and will kicking out one result in the other leaving???


how about a multi class thief, and a sorceror...like a cleric thief or thief fighter...i keep thinking that the characters most people want in their parties is a sorceror and a good thief...


and will the second sister flirt with viccy???  this is very interesting... :D

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Hm...my Planescape alter-ego is a tiefling, and I am female, and I've written for other mods... If you'd like, I maybe could throw some samples your way, Grim.


Maybe...RL's about to get busy, but if this turns into a full-swing project, I bet I could commit.


I think I could write either one...I'm sure I could fake innocence. :D

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Sweet of you to think I would be good, but I'm just going to focus on Delainy...and Tashia when Del's SoA is done, and I upgrade the last few things for Tashia.


After that...Del-ToB...and I will probably hang up my writing hat...

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Well, it *could* be Dax... he/she/it seemed to really get around...


I agree with everyone else that this looks like a very interesting project.  And I too think one should be a thief.  After Yoshimo dies you don't have any options there.  I'd volunteer to write dialogues, but I can't even get NI to run and I'm still pretty clueless with WeiDU.  :D  :D

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