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Installation problem


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I tried to install scs ii, with various other mods already installed before it. Most of scs ii also installed np, but "Smarter general AI" didn't.


Turns up a error like this:

ERROR locating resource for 'COPY'

Resource [dw#melee.bcs] not found in KEY file:


Stopping installation because of error.

Stopping installation because of error.




// Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods
// The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod
// ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version]
~SETUP-ASCENSION.TP2~ #0 #0 // Ascension v1.41 (requires ToB)
~SETUP-ASCENSION.TP2~ #0 #1 // Tougher Abazigal (optional, requires ToB)
~SETUP-ASCENSION.TP2~ #0 #2 // Original Tougher Demogorgon (optional, requires ToB)
~SETUP-ASCENSION.TP2~ #0 #3 // Tougher Gromnir (optional, requires ToB)
~SETUP-ASCENSION.TP2~ #0 #4 // Tougher Illasera (optional, requires ToB)
~SETUP-ASCENSION.TP2~ #0 #5 // Tougher Yaga-Shura (optional, requires ToB)
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #0 // BG2 Fixpack - Core Fixes: v9.01
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #1001 // BG2 Fixpack - Game Text Update -> GTU Classic (from Baldurdash, by Kevin Dorner): v9.01
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #100 // Party Gets XP for Sending Keldorn to Reconcile With Maria: v9.01
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #101 // Improved Spell Animations: v9.01
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #102 // Cromwell's Forging Actually Takes a Day: v9.01
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #104 // Ghreyfain's Holy Symbol Fixes: v9.01
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #106 // Giants Receive Penalties When Attacking Halflings,   Dwarves, and Gnomes: v9.01
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #107 // Remove Dual-Classing Restriction from Archers   and Stalkers: v9.01
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #110 // Additional Script Fixes: v9.01
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #111 // Bard Song Fixes: v9.01
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #112 // Wizard Slayers Cause Miscast Magic on Ranged Attacks: v9.01
~BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2~ #0 #113 // Additional Alignment Fixes: v9.01
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #0 // The Kidnapping of Boo by Cliffette: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #1 // The Suna Seni/Valygar Relationship: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #2 // Kalah and What He Was Promised: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #3 // "Cat and Mouse" (Bodhi hunts you in Spellhold) by Ghreyfain: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #4 // Gorje Hilldark and the Extended Illithium Quest: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #5 // The Pai'Na/Spider's Bane Quest: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #6 // Restored Crooked Crane Inn: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #7 // Restored Encounters: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #8 // Artemis Entreri in Bodhi's Lair: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #9 // Corrected "Xzar's Creations": v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #12 // Item Restorations: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #13 // Yoshimo's Original Portrait: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #14 // Anomen's Original Portrait: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #15 // NPC Portrait Restorations: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #16 // Corrected BAMs and Scripts: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #17 // Corrected Character Names and Biographies: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #18 // Restored Minor Dialogs: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #20 // Extended ToB Item Descriptions: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #21 // Throne of Bhaal Minor Restorations: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #22 // Justifier Kit: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #23 // Feralan Kit: v19
~SETUP-UB.TP2~ #0 #24 // Sarevok's Remorse: v19
~RR/SETUP-RR.TP2~ #0 #3 // Proper racial adjustments for thieving skills: v4.37
~RR/SETUP-RR.TP2~ #0 #6 // Proper spell progression for Bards: v4.37
~RR/SETUP-RR.TP2~ #0 #11 // Chosen of Cyric encounter: v4.37
~RR/SETUP-RR.TP2~ #0 #12 // Shadow Thief Improvements: v4.37
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #100 // Restore innate infravision to Half-Orc characters: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #101 // Prevent skeletal undead from being affected by Illithids' Devour Brain attack: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #102 // Change Spiritual Hammer into a ranged force weapon: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #103 // Allow Dispel/Remove Magic to take down Globes of Invulnerability: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #110 // Magical arrows and bolts deal bonus damage equal to their enchantment level: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #120 // Restore innate disease immunity to Paladins: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #125 // Rangers' Animal Empathy improves with experience: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #130 // Additional racial traits for Dwarves: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #140 // Additional racial traits for Gnomes: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #150 // PnP Fiends: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #155 // Revised Fiend summoning: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #200 // Allow Breach to take down Stoneskin effects applied by items: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #201 // Instant casting for warrior innates: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #241 // Revised Bhaalpowers -> Only standardize the Bhaalpowers' casting time: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #204 // Prevent Mislead clones from singing Bard songs: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #205 // Prevent Project Image and Simulacrum clones from using quickslot items: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #210 // Restore the Dispel Magic vulnerability to Nishruu and Hakeashars: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #220 // Simple Thief script: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #230 // Simple Bard script: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #301 // Change the appearance of Valygar's armor: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #303 // Give Shambling Mounds their proper soundset: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #304 // Give Mariliths their Icewind Dale soundset: v3.21
~ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #310 // Distinctive creature coloring: v3.21
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #1000 // Detectable spells (required for most other components): v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #1010 // Allow enemy AI to detect the party's magic items: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #1020 // Bugfix: Fix the Mirror Image spell so it doesn't block area-effect magic: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #1030 // Bugfix: Fix the Dispel Magic spell so it correctly allows for caster's level: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2000 // Allow Spellstrike to take down a Protection from Magic scroll: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2010 // More consistent Breach spell (always affects liches and rakshasas; doesn't penetrate Spell Turning): v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2020 // Antimagic attacks penetrate improved invisibility -> Only Spell Thrust, Secret Word and Ruby Ray get areas of effect (default option): v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2030 // Iron Skins behaves like Stoneskin (can be brought down by Breach): v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2040 // Modify the Harm spell so it does damage rather than reducing target to 1 hp -> Enemy Harm spells reduce target to 1 hit point; player Harm spells do 150 hp of damage: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2050 // Make individual versions of Spell Immunity available, so that players can use them in Contingencies etc.: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2060 // Revert Greater Restoration back to only affecting one creature: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2080 // Cap damage done by Skull Trap at 12d6: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2090 // Make Power-Word: Blind single-target: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2100 // Make Minute Meteors into +2 weapons: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2110 // Reduce the power of Inquisitors' Dispel Magic -> Inquisitors dispel at 1.5 x their level (not twice their level): v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2120 // Slightly weaken insect plague spells, and let fire shields block them: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2130 // Cosmetic change: stop Stoneskins from changing the caster's colour: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #2140 // Slightly increase the power of Mantle, Improved Mantle, and Absolute Immunity: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #3010 // Remove the invisibility power of the Staff of the Magi: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #3030 // Move the Cloak of Mirroring: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #3060 // Remove Arrows of Dispelling from stores: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #3070 // Make the healing and resurrection powers of the Rod of Resurrection into separate abilities: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #3080 // Change Carsomyr so that its Dispel on contact power grants a saving throw: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #3520 // Remove unrealistically convenient ammunition from certain areas -> Only remove nonmagical ammo from random containers: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #3530 // Faster Bears: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #3980 // Allow the Cowled Wizards to detect spellcasting in most indoor, above-ground areas in Athkatla: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #4000 // Increase the price asked by Gaylan Baele -> Gaylan wants 40,000 gold pieces: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #4010 // Make Freedom scrolls available earlier: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #4020 // Make Watchers' Keep accessible between SoA and ToB (warning: this will make it inaccessible until the end of SoA): v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #4030 // Retrieve Dropped Items from Hell: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #4050 // Make party members less likely to die irreversibly: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #4067 // Make the wizard stronghold available to all classes: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #5000 // Ease-of-use party AI: v15
~SCSII/SETUP-SCSII.TP2~ #0 #5010 // Remove animation from the Cloak of Mirroring (leave it for other spells and effects that use the same graphic): v15


Any idea what'd be causeing the problem & how to fix it?


And full setup.scsii.debug contents, if it's helpful, warning though that it might take a moment to load:




Also when I got the error it says: PLEASE email the file SETUP-SCSII.DEBUG to davidw, Gibberlings3 forums

But when I did that I got told to post a thread here instead, so updating that instruction would be in place.



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Is there anything non-standard about your operating system setup? e.g. are you running Wine or Linux? (Neither is compatible with SCSII)


Also when I got the error it says: PLEASE email the file SETUP-SCSII.DEBUG to davidw, Gibberlings3 forums

But when I did that I got told to post a thread here instead, so updating that instruction would be in place.


Apologies. It's out of date, and indeed needs updating.

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Generally speaking, to install the mods on Linux you should use the Linux version of WeiDU, rather than the WIndows version with Wine: download the latest version of WeiDU for Linux from weidu.org and extract (at least) the WeiDU, weinstall, tisunpack and tolower executables in a $PATH directory (E.G. /usr/bin). Following that, open a terminal, cd to your BG2 installation directory, run `tolower' and answer Y to both queries. You can avoid running the second option (linux.ini) if you've already ran it once in the same directory. To save time, the archive is already tolowered, so there's no need to run the first option (lowercasing file names) either if you've extracted only this mod since the last time you lower cased file name. If you're unsure, running tolower and choosing both options is the safe bet. After that, run 'weinstall <mod name>' from your game installation directory to install or uninstall the mod.


WeiDU on Linux has some quirks with case-sensitivity. For 99% of mods it doesn't matter (as long as you run tolower as specified above), but last I heard SCSII can't install on Linux even after running tolower. If WeiDU-Linux doesn't help you, you can try to put [linux] in the topic title, if you're lucky one of the other Linux users might come and give you specific help.

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Ah, thats the case then... Im running it thru wine. What do the AI parts installer do though, that wine can't comprehend? On the surface, when it complains about a missing file it appears like just a problem with the bg2 install.


The basic problem is that SCS scripts are pre-compiled by a Perl script, which for reasons I (as a godless Windows acolyte :beer: ) don't understand, chokes on UNIX installs. I suspect it's something to do with case-sensitivity assumptions in my Perl script. At some point, I ought to try to sort it out, but it's fiddly as I don't have convenient access to a UNIX system (and don't really have the energy to set one up).


If I had to guess, the guess would be that whenever the file scsii\setup-scsii.tp2 has a block like


<<<<<<<< .../scsII-inline/ssl.2da




then the SOME_STUFF needs to be re-expressed all in lower-case. I think SSL (my Perl script) itself doesn't care what the case is of its input, but if that input is in upper or mixed case, it'll come out in upper or mixed case (and TheBigg's tolower won't help). But I'm only speculating.


If someone with access to UNIX or the like manages to get SCS(II) working by this or another means and sends me the files, I'll happily incorporate them in the next version.

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Now that I think about it, tolower, applying this:

--- scsii/ssl/ssl.tph.old       2010-10-04 00:56:44.975410500 +0200
+++ scsii/ssl/ssl.tph   2010-10-04 00:49:29.021475300 +0200
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
                       INNER_ACTION BEGIN
                               ACTION_IF ~%WEIDU_OS%~ STRING_COMPARE_CASE ~WIN32~ THEN BEGIN
                                       AT_NOW ~chmod 755 scsII/ssl/ssl.pl~
-                                       AT_NOW ~/usr/bin/perl scsII/ssl/ssl.pl "%filename% %sslvariables% -l scsII/ssl/library scsII/ssl/autolib"~
+                                       AT_NOW ~/usr/bin/perl scsII/ssl/ssl.pl "%filename% %sslvariables% -l scsII/ssl/library scsII/ssl/autolib"~ EXACT
                               END ELSE BEGIN
                                       AT_NOW ~scsII\ssl\ssl.exe "%filename% %sslvariables% -l scsII\ssl\library scsII\ssl\autolib"~

and then a find scsii -exec sed -e's/scsII/scsii/g' -i {} \; should do the trick.


EDIT: yes, this seems to fix it (haven't yet installed all components or tried to run the game).

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It's bash scripting, and it replaces 'scsII' with 'scsii' in all files in the scsii file tree. This lowercases file names when calling SSL while preserving case in OptionNames (without the EXACT, the whole command line would be lowercased, thus breaking SSL options).

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