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Map crashes

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Well, folks, I've got great news all around. I was getting crashes in ar8004 (Svir camp in LDD) and ar9711 (Luremaster castle interior) every time I pulled up the minimap. Since I rebuilt the minimaps with DLTCEP, both areas are crash free when viewing the map.




(Volunteering for a 173-map slog?)

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I would guess you need the fixpack that includes the new .mos files CamDawg linked above, but the actual attachment in that link is not valid for me.

I believe the link is before the forum change-over. A lot of the old links don't work now since there appears to be a different addressing system. (I could be wrong about this, of course.)

Edit: The link above by CamDawg is for v5, not v7. As expected,



Not Found


The requested URL /downloads/iwd_in_bg2-v5.exe was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


@ matyas - You definitely should install the latest fixpack/hot patch, which is v10 I believe.

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Well, I can't. I tried but it says that I need to uninstall other mods (tweaks), although I did uninstall it. I don't want to install IWD-in-BG2 again but perhaps I will have to. Thx for reply. Now having troubles with installation. "Missing files instalation will fail" and it does. Damn.


OKEY. 1) I had to run Icewind before installation of IWD-in-BG2, 2) I had to install any component of v. 7.10 Tweaks to install fixpack. I did game works. Thanks guys :)





I have next game crash. Barbarian Camp, Part 2. First of all I can't enter the camp because there's no guard to let me in. I used console to get inside. But game crashes after talking to Wylfden - he kills the witch, a then game crashes :/

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If you get any crashes, make sure you have a line for Logging On=1 under Program Options in your baldur.ini file, reproduce the crash then post the contents of your resulting baldur.err text file.

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That's strange but I got nothing. I did exactly what you told and I thought that this isn't working, but it is - I simply get nothing:




---------------------Start Logging Session---------------------




---------------------Start Logging Session---------------------



That's all I got, after 2 crashes :/

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