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Saerileth Reactions?

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It would be cool if other romance mods had optional reactions, yes. But that's left to the authors of the mod. I created some reactions for BG2 Xan NPC; others created some reactions for their NPCs. Should Saerileth's authors want to, they are more than welcome to add RE reactions to their mod, certainly.

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So very true. It was just a thought. However, I get the impression that giving Saerileth interjections with RE would probably put the brakes on all of it. She is very black and white in her morality. Any hint of impropriety would likely kill the romance.


I was imagining a reaction to the tryst with Weathermistress Ada. Nearly laughed out loud.


Thanks for all the hard work on the mods you have made. I extend that to all the other mod makers out there as well. You all have made replaying this venerable old game more enjoyable by making new things to see and do.

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It has occurred to me how cool it would be to have Saerileth react to the Romantic Encounters. Just thinking about it has put a smile on my face. I have really enjoyed this mod, it has put a fun spin on a great game.


Good God! What kind of monster are you? Seriously? Your really going to watch Saerileth die of a broken heart while you get your nutz off?



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Never tested it in-game myself ( couldn't bring myself to do it) but it is in there and it is definitely modder intent. She is written as a true zealot, young and idealistic... and more an Avatar than a girl. I can see one reaction, perhaps two, if you could somehow get past the whole lying problem...


[sAR] The Weathermistress... Thou hast not slain this blight upon Faerun?

[PC] Well, she did scream a bit... But no.

[PC] Yes, of course.

[PC] Actually, I thought I would save her for you.


[sAR] Mine heart doth break. What stayed thy hand, when the opportunity presented?

[PC] I had some other things on my mind...

[PC] Well, she was very... Persuasive.


<<insert blowup teen hysterics, recriminations, and either a killscript for a broken heart or an EscapeAreaDestroy()>>


I don't mind S- she fits well with my paladin - but her authors were pretty fierce with their characterization choices.

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I would think that you could tap into Saeri's code and make that work. She also die's of a broken heart in some other situations as well if memory serves. Phaerie and maby one other interaction. Hmmm I must really be a horrible person to know that ;)


Edit: Oh the Succubus scene is in TOB Amkethran Inn if that helps. I know if your committed that it also happens with Phaerie but I can't remember were else it happens in the game.

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I hear you guys loud and clear. Would take a major lout to want to watch Saerileth die of a broken heart.


Still, right now, one can just go ahead and have all the flings you want because Saeri won't react to any of it. True, a paladin should be all virtuous and above such behavior.


I think the two reactions fleshed out are definitly in keeping with the character.


I remember that succubus at the Inn.


Thanks all.

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I can't imagine that any of these RE's would end without Saer dieing of a broken heart if she is in a romance with the PC. Most, if not all of RE's scenarios are casual flings - Phaere's scene is literally a life or death situation not every PC will be able to weasel out of. If Saerileth can't be understanding there, how do you think she'd react to a casual tryst?

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