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BG2 Tweak Pack - Install in EasyTutu AND BGII-SoA?


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I have installed BGI + TotSC, BGII + ToB then Easytutu. Amongst a few other mods I have the applied the BG2 Tweak Pack to my Easytutu directory to take advantage of the tweaks while playing BGI + TotSC. When I come to play BGII + ToB am I correct in thinking that I will need to again apply the BG2 Tweak Pack but this time to my BGII-SoA directory to ensure the tweaks are also applied to my BGII games?


Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - I did look but couldn't find the answer.

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Yes! EasyTutu is a separate stand-alone install. You will need to apply any mods you want to have take effect in your SoA/ToB game into the SoA directory. In this case, BGTweaks would need to be applied to applied to two directories - EasyTutu for that game, and the SoA directory for any SoA/ToB games.

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Guest Guest_grogerson_*

The components, unless clearly stated otherwise, apply to all, whether BG2:SoA, BG2:ToB, BGT, TUTU or EasyTUTU. You should not need to reinstall anything unless you added it after installing an applicable tweak.

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...within the same directory :cringe:


But in this case, there are two directories.


1. EasyTutu.




In order for the mod to work on both games, you need to install it to both directories.

Thanks - that makes sense. It's what I suspected but wanted to make sure.

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