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Where could I help most testing for bugs


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I'm thinking about running BG1 and TotSC again but this time I'd want to use Gem RB. (Might be pestering you guys on how to install it) Out of the different infinity games what needs the most play testing/bug hunting to get it polished.


I heard that BG1 is pretty much completable and TotSC seems to work for alot of people, should I run though theses, Or is it mostly BG2 and Throne that need bug hunting on them?


I would be Willing to Get Icewind Dale from GOG if that would help to.


Or do you guys know about most of the bugs already and are just fixing them?


Well I will run through one of the games if it helps!

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I amin about half of the way to end BG1.

It does work,it is playable, it gives alot of fun.

Some bugs are annoying, but it is still worth to try.


What game would help the most though for running through and getting bugs fixed. If I play Icewind Dale and its exspansions except for IWD 2, BG1, and BG1 TotSC what would be the most helpfull if I was to play one?

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Some bugs and issues on GameRB 0.6.3, that I find:


All games:

Sound volume levels not saves, each time you need to set them again (not implemented).

Sound volume levels not set from GemRB.cfg (not implemented, hardcoded to 10).

Sound volume levels can't be adjusted if using sdlaudio driver (not implemented).



1. Characters walk in closed doors.

2. Can't use item specific options

3. Journal not works


Planescape support is not complete?

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