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BGTutu: Make Xan an evoker


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In Baldur's Gate, I love the character Xan. He is however an enchanter, which means he cannot cast some of the most useful spells in the game (Fireball, Magic Missile, etc.)


I am using BGTutu and wondering how could I mod him to be some other class, like evoker, necro or whatever. Also, what cheat codes would I need to quickly test in-game that the modification was effective (like how to teleport there, and get invulnerable so I can defeat the monsters and free him. Or just summon him next to me, or something). I basically know how NearInfinity works but apart from that I need detailed instructions.


Also if you have suggestions for what type of mage other than enchanter would fit Xan, that's also appreciated.


Thanks a lot in advance.

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Download Level 1 NPC mod, it's right below on the forums. You could make Xan a sorcerer, a necromancer, and even a fighter-mage. Hells, even a druid if you like. Same for all other BG1 NPCs.


(The next version of Level 1 NPC might work for mod characters, too, including Xan BG2. But so far you could make BG2 Xan a plain mage, a wild mage, a fighter-mage or a sorcerer).

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