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BGTutu Firebead 300gp trick not working


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I couldn't find any reference to this on Google other than an unanswered forum post , so here goes. I got EasyTutu installed on the fully patched north american version of BG:ToTSC + BG2:ToB. It's working fine except that the easter egg in Candlekeep Inn (AR2616) where after giving Firebead his scroll, you talk to him 30 times and you will be given 300gp, doesn't work. Is this a known bug? Is there anything wrong with my installation?


Btw it works fine on my original BG:ToTSC installation. However I can't seem to find any reference to that 300gp in Firebead's dialog file (FIREB1.DLG).

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Unfortunately, I think Tutu removed a lot of these exploits.
So you think that that was a glitch? It seems unlikely that a glitch would cause a certain character to give x gold after being talked to y times, I can only imagine that that was consciously scripted in. ;)
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