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[Pre-RC_Luridel][deprecated] To Do and To Recheck List


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As of 10/30/2010

Idea followups
Ideas from PM from folks reading the forums, plus stuff I need to remember to recheck on throughout the mod to make sure that they are not single instances of "concept demo code', but actually integrated as part of the content in a way that makes sense and furthers the characterization.

This could also be the "hey, make sure to check this list against current content and be organized about settling in and finishing the writing, so that the mod doesn not take another 5 years to actually get into player hands".

  • FRIENDSHIP: Revisit interjection points in both SoA and ToB. Almost all are covered - double-check to see what is purposefully skipped, and log it.
  • FRIENDSHIP: Current SoA 10 talks are fun, but probably need extension of at least 2 more to cover SoA. Canonical Bioware have far less - modern mods have as many as double that amount. No need to pad - but look for a topic/friendship discussion that makes sense to be having that might be fun to play around with. The current timing at 1 hour has 11 hours of playing before the friendtalk sequence is finished, and from then on, it is interjections, PID, quest/area related, and chapter-driven talks. Look for ways of having Aramn realistically engage in a discussion that avoids all the materials other mods have covered well, and in deatail - avoid the following:
    how did you get here?
    What are your feelings about being (potentially) a god?
    What was candlekeep like when you were a kid?
    why are you doing this?
    is Aerie sleeping with you now, or just leading you on?
    So, that Noober guy... does he have a sister, becuse she might be just my cup of tea...
    Gorion - daddy figure or kind uncle?
    Hey, those Shadow Thief outfits for the ladies... wow. Cool tattoos, and lots of skin. I wonder how they stay warm in winter...

    ...looking for fun, interesting, "friends chatting" stuff. May have to relook at StarGate:SG1, Buffy, SportsNight, Firefly, et. al, for inspiration. Need to avoid angsty pathos, as there will be some of hat at the end of the romance. And if I am playing with an NPC dude who is supposed to be watching my back as a friend, and he goes all gushy emo goth dark unhappy, well... I have no complaints about it. But when it comes time for combat, I'm like "hey, get a frackin' life. We have enough troubles - let's show this biatch how we do things downtown, and then we can go get you laid and improve your mood."
  • FRIENDSHIP: Check timers and look for ways of making a bigger opportunity to save after a boattle if a talk has become active. This mod relies ofn replayability, but some folks play and experiment from saves. It won't help them if they can't save before a dialog, so they can try the different options.
  • ALL AREAS; CODING SUGGESTION: Look for ways of accomplishing independent replies that are more writer-efficient. Sample schematics for inspiration:

    1 interested
    2 not interested
    3 vamping, or teasing
    4 aggressive
    5 cruel/shutdown
    (may need one additional, of STFU)

    1 interested/aggressive
    2 teasing/seductive with or without any intention of following through
    3 tender/shy
    4 not interested
    5 cruel

    Berelinde's "Benett Rubric"
    PC reply 1 (Lydia/Kitty): narcissistic, attempt to turn the conversation toward the PC
    PC reply 2 (Jane): all compassion
    PC reply 3 (Elisabeth): practical, full of advice
    PC reply 4 (Mary): inappropriate, sometimes wildly so
    PC reply 5: exit the dialogue
  • FREINDSHIP AND ROMANCE: Recheck of action dialog sequences. Multiple sources, but Jastey put it best - ..(watch out for)...the amount of "tell PC what she is doing / feeling", as it is at the side of too much for my taste. ...not too fond of description texts that descripbe the whole action to the end without the PC having the chance to interact again. Check for places where I am not describing the setting/surroundings/physicality, but am trying to script a player's response to that description (unfortunately most of these are in adult land). Ideas from Berelinde to curb this on rewrites: limit Aran's lines to Aran's words or actions. If it has [ARAN] in front of it, you can only say what Aran is saying or doing. ...second way is to include a sense of delay... Preference is for the first, but in some instances I am going to have to follow the principle of "pc response is actually Aran acting, but player chooses his response. I need to go back and reread what went into Renal Bloodscalp and Sheri in RE to regain thsi - getting too much like a short story, and this is an interactive computer game.
  • FRIENDSHIP AND ROMANCE: recheck for purple prose that turmns out to be more of a dirty yellow or green. KathStoneDog has the best examples to watch for similar "logic disjuncts" -
    IF ~~ a1111 I do not think I can do this. In fact, I know I can't. I should leave.~ + unfulfilledexitstate
    Again, it's her room!
    IF ~~ a1113 (Roll quickly on top of him, your hips questing to bring you both as close together as the cloth barrier allows.)
    OK! I'll admit ignorance. How do hips quest? smile.png

    Before this hits playtesting, center in on states and make sure that things like "eyes grab", "legs swallow", "nose searches". It is going to be hard enough for translators to deal with colloquialism (both FR and english) - no need to make them fight through purply oxymoronic descriptors that confuse and mix metaphor, too!
  • FRIENDSHIP: Check for consitent application of the opportunities templated in dealing with events. Samples to follow up on - story pool
    IF ~~ a1671
    SAY ~[ARAN] I can do that. Just remember, my bardic days be relatively new, so I don't have them all embellished an' prettified, wi' proper pronunciation an' projection. Sorry about that spittle, there. Somethin' about 'p' words, eh?~
    = ~[ARAN] Let me see...~
    IF ~Global("c-arancarbonara","LOCALS",0)~ GOTO a1433
    IF ~Global("c-arancalimport","LOCALS",0)~ GOTO a1432
    IF ~Global("c-arangerris","LOCALS",0)~ GOTO a1674
    IF ~Global("c-arandadtrade","LOCALS",0)~ GOTO a1675
    IF ~Global("c-aranfistfight","LOCALS",0)~ GOTO a1676
    IF ~Global("c-aranmoonfight","LOCALS",0)~ GOTO a1678
    IF ~Global("c-arankravitchstory","LOCALS",0)~ GOTO a1677
    IF ~Global("c-arankravitchstory","LOCALS",1) Global("c-arancarbonara","LOCALS",1) Global("c-arancalimport","LOCALS",1) Global("c-arangerris","LOCALS",1) Global("c-arandadtrade","LOCALS",1) Global("c-aranfistfight","LOCALS",1) Global("c-aranmoonfight","LOCALS",3)~ GOTO a1685
    + ~Gender(Player2,MALE) !Name("c-aran",Player2)~ + ~[PC] A joker, eh? Two can play that game. I have always wanted <PLAYER2> instead, but you will have to do...~ + a1844
    + ~Gender(Player3,MALE) !Name("c-aran",Player2)~ + ~[PC] A joker, eh? Two can play that game. I have always wanted <PLAYER3> instead, but you will have to do...~ + a1844
    + ~Gender(Player4,MALE) !Name("c-aran",Player2)~ + ~[PC] A joker, eh? Two can play that game. I have always wanted <PLAYER4> instead, but you will have to do...~ + a1844
    + ~Gender(Player5,MALE) !Name("c-aran",Player2)~ + ~[PC] A joker, eh? Two can play that game. I have always wanted <PLAYER5> instead, but you will have to do...~ + a1844
    + ~Gender(Player6,MALE) !Name("c-aran",Player2)~ + ~[PC] A joker, eh? Two can play that game. I have always wanted <PLAYER6> instead, but you will have to do...~ + a1844
    Global("c-arangift","GLOBAL",1) -> 5 followup
    /* LEAT21 // Human Flesh +5 evil armor equipped complaints */
    IF ~HasItemEquiped("LEAT21",Player1) Global("c-arskinarm","LOCALS",0)~ THEN GOTO a1799
    IF ~HasItemEquiped("LEAT21",Player1) Global("c-arskinarm","LOCALS",1) GlobalTimerExpired("c-aranskin","GLOBAL")~ THEN GOTO a1798
    IF ~HasItemEquiped("LEAT21",Player1) Global("c-arskinarm","LOCALS",2) GlobalTimerExpired("c-aranskin","GLOBAL")~ THEN GOTO a1797
    Global("c-pcstalker","LOCALS",0) -> 5
    SetGlobal("c-aranREinn","GLOBAL",1), moon, stars, etc.
    /* big not-followed-through thing: */
    ++ ~[PC] I am not beautiful.~ DO ~IncrementGlobal("c-aranpc_nsc","LOCALS",1)~ + a289
  • OTHER MODS: Several sources, several suggestions made about holding off on adding more of the 'awareness of other mods" and materials, from a time and energy standoint - the suggestion I need to hold myself to is creation of as many of the vanilla NPC materials as i can manage with a single pass, with the understanding that I will be able to go back and add more to those CHAINs and such later. Sidecheck - RE responses. Most written and integrated; make sure all are appropriate to both non-romance and romance folks, and perhaps add one or two that are romance-specific (if teh romance or the pghysical side of hthings has progressed far enough). c.f. commentary built into "Stone heads and Stone Hearts" materials for folks who get the Fighter Stronghold, and side commentary to Chanelles materials if RE variables for her are set.
  • ROMANCE: ...an attempt to play a character who was raised in a cloister and kept from the world who is now out-and-about within it, with all the terrors and overwhelming busyness, who has had no romance whatsoever in the vanilla BG to then have it suddenly, err, thrust upon her and to not have that acknowledged, seems a bit rough of a transition. Revisit and recheck "innocent" options. Some given, but not consistently - need to make sure Berelinde's Bennet Rubric gets a workout. I have found a bunch of states which *look* like they give tons of options, but they favor bold brassy and not shy introverted. Some people play Emma, some people play Buffy, some people play Guenevire, and some people play the ingenue (the lyric soprano part; cosette, etc.). I may be leaving out options to play the latter.
  • ROMANCE: That thought leads me into my next suggestion of making it clear to the player where Aran's and the PC's relationship stands... ...I don't know if you are planning on Aran and the PC having one of the many "the talk" talks, but as a player it might be a useful dialogue to have. And considering the relationship may be more 'open' for the first while, another "the talk" about "we seem to be getting more serious" may be necessary for the player to know for certain what is going on. Recheck the progress of "check-in" talks, and make sure that I have not relied solely on PID and romance conflict talks to bring this up. Some of this is covered in regular talks and recations, but mame sure that while players can be as waffly and chaotic as they want, if they want to committ they can actually have that discussion, and set up the issue. Right now, the way I read it, the player who wants an on-again off-again romance can have it, but someone who wants him to settle down only has physical options. There is a lack of "the big C talk". That is a mistake that needs to be corrected. I suspect it was left on the cutting room floor early on, and no replacement was craeted - this is a serious loophole.
  • FRIENDSHIP AND ROMANCE: recheck timing and stretching psychological imntimacy to cover most of the game - choice of crisis to be in SoA or ToB needs finalization and writing. Crosschek with other materials for coverage of BWP long, slow, completionist play vs. Speedrun play. Crosscheck for glaring inconsitencies between Friendtalk progression and lovetalk progression.
  • FRIENDSHIP AND ROMANCE: timing and allowing more "silly/gentle/supportive" options. The checkpoint here is that players have plenty of options to tease, chide, or be mean to Aran. Need to check to amke sure that I don't consitently "gentle teasing" as a "good' option, therefore not allowing players who want to be supportive/loving to have options.
  • ROMANCE: little people vs big people, and differing racial options for roleplaying, in a non-specific way. [ADULT REFERENT]

    Infravision and making out/making love - polite way around size differences - alternatives to intercourse as a way of being close physically - most of this can be created by allusion rather than specifics. Current things include materials like the following for elves/half/elves; ~[PC] You are glowing... your body is so hot that my vision... wait... you expect to fit all of that inside of me?~ but the same might be able to be accomplished with less graphic wording and still achieve the same goal, e.g;

    1. ~[ARAN] I want you, <CHARNAME>. I want all o' you.~
    IF GNOME/DWARF ~[PC] I may be small, but I am as tough as the earth and stone. I want you, and I will have you be my partner, no matter the cost.~ + 2
    IF ELF/HALFELF ~[PC] I know you want me, but I am worried that you might crush me. My elven heritage may make this very difficult. ~ + 2
    IF HALFLING ~[PC] I want you, too. Perhaps there is a way we can be together that will not involve pain. What do you think?~ + 2
    IF {any_of_above} and NO_INTIMACY_YET ~[PC] I am... I am not sure how this could work, Aran. We... we are not exactly the same size. How can we...~ + 2
    IF {any_of_above} and INTIMACY_DONE ~[PC] You did not stop to consider this the first time we made love. Why be so careful now? I did not see a way to deal with this last time.~ + 2

    2. ~[ARAN] Now, there be ways... an' th' first way is to make right sure that you have been well pleased before we go about tryin' anythin' more. If you be up for a mite bit o' experimentin' that is...~
    ~[PC] Oh, so you have been thinking about this for awhile, have you?~ + 3
    ~[PC] I have been thinking about how to make this happen ever since you fisrt mangled a sentence in front of me.~ + 3
    ~[PC] I have no experience n these matters. I.. I might want to experiment, but I think I do not want to go quite so far as to... you know.~ + 3
    ~[PC] I have no experience in these matters., but I am ready to learn. Just please... be gentle.~ = 3

    3. ~[ARAN] I have been thinkin' an' dreamin' about how to make this happen comforatbly for us from nigh on th' first time I laid eyes on you, <CHARNAME>. Trust me. I have naught in th' way o' wantin to hurt you in any way.~
    = exit state with short descriptive scene

  • ROMANCE: Adult Materials
    - roleplay options that allow/account for choice of chastity - roleplay options that reflect in other dialogs rather than ignoring them - concept of "action progression" that reflects in other materials, so that there is not a fierce disconnect. Idea to play with:

    c-aranfirstsex = 1 : self-identified no experience (no need to look for whether or not RE content, etc. is in play - leaves the option for play as a manipulative PC "Oh, I have never done this before" is something that could be said many many ways, including being the truth)

    c-aransex = 0 : no intimacy
    c-aransex = 1 : kissing
    c-aransex = 2 : touching
    c-aransex = 3 : heavy innuendo touching ("petting")
    c-aransex = 4 : full physical intimacy

ToDo list for standard materials:

  • revisit/rewrite ToB Banters.
  • Write ToB friendtalks and lovetalks.
  • determine crisis point for "big C" and place those final lovetalks (4 I think) in either SoA or ToB content.
  • Tackle and finish/simplify adult materials in romance, and clone similar states into ToB.
  • Finish Teldra's first and second quest materials and retest vs. current mini-quests.
  • Look at how gender checks and wild surges interact, and determine feasibility of adding comedic/pathos with friend or romantic partner suddenly switching teams.
  • investigate idea of the "single playthrough encounter", where a different encounter might be available based on .bcs evaluation of party composition, class, etc. So a bard PC might get something related to FR lore about bards, a cleric might get an 'opposte alignment' encounter... remembering the biggs comments on this, because creating one-off encounters like this may be prohibitively costly in terms of development and testing time versus the amout of time players get to see the content.
  • Search all files for "capped off" states, where an idea that was more efficiently tied in to other content being developed in other files got forgotten/sidelined. Example: c-fidpcbath; c-arantalkstomuch, etc. Repair these states (hopefully) with links to existing content, or (if no option) into relevant templated states, so that players get more of the content on a single playthrough (and it doesn't take another year of tinkering closing off states like ~[PC] Hey! You never said you had visited Windspeare Hills before!~ + c-where_the_hell_was_i_going_with_this_idea).
  • Build valid "tinker, tailor, spy" variants of the .cre file, and decide if the distribution will be one blank .cre copied and patched to match install cjoice, or four .cres valid for the chosen stat distribution. Decision already made on the "build your own at install" option - I am leaving full rebuilds to Level1 NPCs. 4 base stats configurations are fine - and the player already gets the choice left up to them as to when to dual-class. He will start with 7 levels of fighter, and then folks can dual-class him into whatever they like. The references to Class('c-aran",PALADIN_ALL) should cover the Level1 NPC-ing him into strange and wonderful new lifestyles...
  • check with SHS big-world folks on the area insertion (currently replacing an info-trigger with an area travel trigger on the Promenade) for any possible conflicts.
  • Journal entries. Journal entries. Damn it, Journal entries. Recheck and add. So far, there are very few.
  • Recheck Petals&Thorns suggestions on romance to see how current materials measure up to their suggestions. Ad as necessary.
  • Recheck 'bromance' materials for dudes who want a good friend, paying attention to potential opportunities like the Swordfight routine. Same encounter, but the boyz shoot hoops, while the girlz can move from shooting hoops to flirting a bit (or more).
  • Integrate and recheck MoveToArea(), LeaveAreaLua(), and Wait at An Inn materials; finalize whether or not there will be any place besides Aran's custom inn where he can spawn.... or if I have to actually follow up on the thread about where to put him and allow him to spawn in a few different areas, as player choice.
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As of July 6, 2012, TO DO LIST

  • G3 Debug Tool followup:
    C-ARAN13.CRE error: Memorization Info length is incorrect
    C-ARAN7.CRE error: Memorization Info length is incorrect
    C-ARNVMP.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-ARWRTH.CRE error: Small Portrait does not exist (c-arwrth.bmp)
    C-ARWRTH.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-ARWRTH.CRE error: Script does not exist (c-arwrth.bcs)
    C-AW01EP.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-AW01EP.CRE error: Script does not exist (c-aw01ep.bcs)
    C-AW01P1.CRE error: Small Portrait does not exist (c-aw01p1.bmp)
    C-AW01P1.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-AW01P1.CRE error: Script does not exist (c-aw01p1.bcs)
    C-AW01P2.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-AW01P2.CRE error: Script does not exist (c-aw01p2.bcs)
    C-AW01P3.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-AW01P3.CRE error: Script does not exist (c-aw01p3.bcs)
    C-AW01TK.CRE error: Small Portrait does not exist (c-aw01tk.bmp)
    C-AW01TK.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-AW01TK.CRE error: Script does not exist (c-aw01tk.bcs)
    C-AW01TL.CRE error: Small Portrait does not exist (c-aw01tl.bmp)
    C-AW01TL.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-AW01TL.CRE error: Script does not exist (c-aw01tl.bcs)
    C-AW01W1.CRE error: Script does not exist (c-aw01w1.bcs)
    C-MALCER.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-OSKUT.CRE error: Small Portrait does not exist (c-oskut.bmp)
    C-OSKUT.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-TAMAN.CRE error: Small Portrait does not exist (c-taman.bmp)
    C-TAMAN.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-TORAN.CRE: Has BG proficiencies set
    C-TORAN.CRE error: Script does not exist (c-toran.bcs)
  • ToB FT 1, 2, 3, 4 rewrite and reintegrate
  • Rework orphaned states - https://github.com/cmorganbg/Aran-Whitehand/commit/891dd0bc213365481a5daf885e1fe6cd1c5f6633
  • Write Stream Interlude pathways
  • add more ToB banters with canonical crew.


Potential volunteer stuff to ask for help on -

  • revisit all adult romance dialogs and make sure c-aramnintimate advances to appropriate level when the action occurs.
  • Look at other crossmod opportunities and suggest interactions or sketches


Potential requests for pubic Beta release testing:

  • Male Protagonist run, trying to push at every opportunity, looking for anything that rises above Teen rating and anything from the female romance side that shows up accidentally.
  • Female protagonist run, trying very hard NOT to romance him.
  • Female protagonist Cleric run with Aran Aware and Divine Remix installed, choosing any of the cleric kits - looking for newly enabled pathways to work correctly.
    Kits Recognized:
    Heartwarder of Sune
    Feywarden of Correlon
    Strifeleader of Cyric
    Painbearer of Ilmater
    Lorekeeper of Oghma
    Firewalker of Kossuth
    Silverstar of Selune
    Holy Strategist of the Red Knight
    Nightcloak of Shar
    Battleguard of Tempus
    Authlim of Iyachtu Xvim
  • Female PC bathing from flirting, from PID, repeatedly, to see how varied each encounter is. And that PC who
  • Special Things To Test:
    - get Aran drunk in an inn and talk to him many times. Over and over again.
    - Crossmod checks after Aran Aware is added:
    NPC Mod Banters
    aranw_aware will add banters between Aran and the NPC in question if both Aran Whitehand and the other NPC mod are installed before running aranw_aware.
    Laufey's Edwin Romance (one interjection in a conflict between Edwin and Anomen)
    Angelo (two banters in SoA, two in ToB)
    "authorized", by Sister Vigilante and cmorgan; sound clips by Sister Vigilante
    Kivan (two banters in SoA) - "authorized" and "unauthorized"
    one by Domi and cmorgan, another by cmorgan (and hopefully she will ok it when she has the chance).
    Saerileth (three banters and one comment in SoA)
    "unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Netharin/Sillara
    Tashia Remix, by Michael "Arian" Lyashenko, Bri, and Lord Ernie (two banters in SoA, two in ToB)
    "unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Bri, Lord Ernie, or the original author, Michael "Arian" Lyashenko
    Tsujatha NPC MOD For Baldur’s Gate 2 (TOB Required) by Sillara of the Tamari (two banters in SoA)
    "unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Sillara
    Solaufein Romance Mod Pack, by Westley Weimer (two banters in SoA)
    "unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Westley Weimer
    Gavin, by Berelinde (two banters in SoA, one ICT3 in SoA, three successive romance conflict banters in SoA)
    "authorized", by berelinde and cmorgan.
    Ninde, by Deva (5 banters in SoA, two in ToB - for when ToB content is expanded on Ninde's side)
    "semi-authorized", by cmorgan and Rhaella
    - refuse to spar with him amd check that things continue normally
    - spar with him over and over again, making sure that the sparring game goes to three touches on one side or the other, until someone wins.

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