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Tutu naming conventions, and Imoen's banter


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Because Imoen doesn't have a banter file assigned, you guys added one. Of course, so did I for the Indira mod, and it used the current Tutu naming conventions. Namely, having an underscore ("_") before the filename.


Because Imoen has _bimoen assigned to her, the Xzar/Imoen banter was just him saying "So have you found something of interest in our collective pockets." or whatever the line is.

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Ghrey, by whatever reason I was unable to patch 2DA with _BIMOEN with older WEIDu (with or without tildas), while BIMOEN patched just fine. Since we have a gazzilion more banters added for Imoen, I was wondering if you'd be so sweet and change it to BIMOEN in Indira


In fact the best way to do it would be from TUTU conversion itself, so nobody'd go patching INTERDIA after that (the way it's currently done for PDIALOGUE).

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Is this the reason why Imoen never responds when an other NPC banters with her?


I have both Indira and the BG1NPC installed (in that order). Is there a fix for this (keping in mind my idiot status), or would it simply be easiest to uninstall Indira from future Tutu games?

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Guest Guest_kvaren

Thanks for the reply :rolleyes:


I have Indira installed before BG1NPC already. BG1NPC is the very last mod I have installed. For my next Tutu game, I'll just leave Indira out. Seems the easiest solution for now. I'd like to hear how Imoen responds to the pick pocket accustations :D

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