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Ihtafeer & Company

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Guest Costello



I'm enjoying this mod very much. Playing as a solo sorcerer, using a rather old version (v8).


I'm wondering if anyone has a sound strategy for beating Ihtafeer & her two friends as a level 13 solo sorcerer. Even using the cheese of running outside whenever they are about to cast a spell until they run out of spells, I end up getting killed in melee. The problem is that they seem immune to every spell I have. Melf's Meteors can theoretically damage them but as a sorcerer my THAC0 seems far too poor. I can't get any one of them hurt enough before I run out of castings of mirror image and stoneskin and then get slaughtered. Ideas? I'm not opposed to using cheese if doing so prevents me from having to wait until I gain levels and then come back.


The spells I have are:

Burning Hands

Magic Missile



Prot from Evil


Melfs Acid

Mirror Image

Resist Fear



Melf's Meteors

Remove Magic

Skull Trap

Greater Malison

Minor Sequencer

Animate Dead




True Sight

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If you are not using the tweak to allow "breachable" rakshasa this would be very hard for a solo sorcerer - doubly so because Ihtafeer is higher level than you. Only real options for a sorc to damage rakshasas are wilting and incendiary cloud (they're immune to spells < lvl 8).


I think this would be easier if you had spell immunity and globe of invulnerability to counter their web/stinking cloud/teleport field spam. I'd suggest at least wating until lvl 15 to get those + skeleton warriors.


There is also a scroll of Tenser's Transformation in the Rift area of Athkatla, but with only 1 apr meleeing them doesn't look promising... Unless you use the trick of polymorph self (spider) -> dispel claws (from a scroll) -> equip magicical staff -> Tensers cast from a scroll (if you don't mind cheese).

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