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Help With the Quests

Guest hatta

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Hi, first of all good job and thanks for the nice mods they seem to work properly and i haven found a bug or real issue with any of them except one thing, I can't find a guide or walktrhough for the quests added in UB , usually i try to finish the game once and then do a second run with a guide to see what did i miss or alternative paths (at least with good games that are worth the extra time and the IE games sure are) but i can't finish the quests in Lower Dorn's Deep (Marketh's Ring and The Voice ones )

perhaps this was already answered in another topic if so sorry for the spam and thanks for reading.

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thanks for the links , yeah i tried all the topics on this section before and those provided pretty good tips though i was still unable to complete said quests ( still i was able to disintegrate nym so everything was good in the end , i just need to finish ToTLM and then on to IWD II)

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