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BG2 Fixpack and Tweak Pack with old saves?


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Hi and welcome to the forum!


I am not sure what you mean with corrupted: Both mods do not touch your savegames, so they won't be changed during the install/deinstall procedure and therefore cannot be destroyed by some bad accident or somesuch.


The question would be rather whether you would experience the changes of the mods in a running game. For this, I can say that area changes and the like will not show for areas you already visited in your game, the same goes for creature changes that are made upon installaltion, they will only take effect if you haven't met that creature yet (this is because the save games aren't touched - these things are already saved in the savegames so they won't be affected in a running game). Everything else should work (script/dialogue corrections, e.g.).


To the fixpack it is important to know that it should be installed before other mods, so if you are talking about a modded install I would not recommend installing the fixpack after other mods. If you are thinking about modding your so far unmodded game but don't want to start all over, I say go ahead. All that can happen is that you won't see every change in the game.

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Thank you the warm welcome and answering my question jastey. I was worried that I would break questlines if I didn't start from scratch with the mods.


Regarding other mods. Is it OK to install the widescreen mod before the BG2 fixpack and tweak pack? I already have the widescreen mod installed, but not the other mods.

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No, the Widescreen mod goes last. The order is:


other mods


Widescreen mod.


You would have to deinstall the Widescreen mod, install the others, and reinstall the Widescreenmod. The Widescreenmod doesn't introduce many lines of new text, so your saves should be fine. No, actually I have no idea in this case. Best you pose that question in the Widescreen Mod forum.

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