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spoliler - I thought this was funny

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Upon waking I got the message


Angelo does 3 damage to Isla.




I've never got it again since, but I burst out laughing. Did you put that in as a random effect for fun?

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Guest Guest_Ilyena_*
Had he cast Spirit Armour (Lvl 4 spell) on you before you rested? I think when it runs out it does damage. I remember Keldorn attacking my mage after rest because my PC had cast it on him and it had done a whole 6 damage! Not cool, Keldorn.


I don't think that was it, I didn't have him do that much in TOB, with PCs dex and armour he always needed it more than she did. :)


Oh well I thought it was awesome, it's somewhat even more awesome for being unintended. Maybe he was just feeling really frisky that time, heh...

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