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642x482 resolution mod


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Sorry, was inattentive. the bigg us not answer in that topic...
Was that: But the Bigg didn't answer the question you presented in that topic... so you would still like to have his answer to it.


Speaking of questions to the bigg, erhm... Is there any theoretical chance that you could copy the original function, split it in half so you would get a function that would only extend one of the dimensions, so practically the mod components code wouldn't touch the other dimension at all(in any of the files, so you could delete them all ), which would bring the possibility of actually setting the first dimension to what the user likes while leaving the other to the default... so this new sub-components limits would possibly be 642-855x480 :) , or if you wish to, just make the sub-component have two full screen options, the 800x480 and 854x480. I am sure if you do manage to split the function this way, even on one of the IE games, Beholder and others would definitely volunteer as a beta-testers.

Of course I don't understand much of the code you put into mod, so I cannot even have nightmares of the difficulties you are faced with.

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