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Dumb question on Xan's romance


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Hello everyone,


recently I had to do a clean reinstall of my OS and in doing so,I lost all my game saves and whatnot...since I have to start fresh anyway,I was thinking on doing a fresh playthrough with a brand new character.


***possible spoilers ahead***


I was earnestly loving the Xan's romance,thanks to the both delicate and passionate writing (kudos to the author,you really made both me and my previous char fall in love with Xan),so I would love to go through it again (since I didn't see the end of it....nor the one in BGII);my problem is,I would like to try an half elf,but I do recall from somewhere (either the forums or the readme) that half elves didn't have an happy ending in the romance...


My question is: is that referring to an old version,or the romance in the bg1project is,in fact,bad ending for half elves yet?


Thank you in advance if you feel like answering this fangirl question :laugh:


But,above all,thank you all for your hard work on the project,which is making me love BG,with a special thanks to kulyok :) (I hope I spelled it allright...sorry in advance!).



Have a nice day everyone.

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If you'd like a BG1 playthrough with Xan Romance, I'd recommend playing a full elf. There's only a half-romance for a half-elf(excuse the bad pun) for BG1, and it just ends in a simple breakup(although, if you choose friendship path in BG2, you may get a happy ending eventually - but veeeeeeeeeeeery eventually, and miss a lot of romantic content BG1 offers).


Then again, BG2 has some nasty surprises in store, especially if you choose "continue from BG1" path, but at least you get full content that way.


And thanks to Domi, too! She wrote at least five great dialogues for BG1, coded the entire BG1 romance and it was her idea to offer at least some of the existing content to half-elves(albeit - yep. Bad, bad ending.).

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ahhh,a shame it was as I remembered,but I guess you can't go against Xan's view on certain things,no matter the strength of feelings :laugh:


Well,now I just have to hope windows 7 plays nice,and hopefully I'll manage to reinstall everything back (tutu and the mods)...


Indeed thanks to Domi too,I already appreciated her work in neverwinter 2,and now with Kivan,which proved to be a really good friend and interesting character,despite his obsession with vengeance (understandable though...*sigh*);now I just have to think on a new character that fits,and indeed I plan on going through BGII with the same....if nasty surprises are on the way,my PC won't be scared...I just hope I'm not that much of an idiot to mess things up too bad ;)


Thanks for the kind reply and have a very nice day :)

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Nope, no stat requirements for Xan. He's not shallow that way - your character may have CHA 3, and he's still be in love with her beautiful soul... or some such. :) Once he sees her, he loves her for who she is(right away if she's an elf; by BG2 ToB if she's not an elf and she's still interested).

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Thank you kindly,I probably got confused with some other romance readme...being old and senile sucks. :)


I can't wait to see all the content,even in BGII;I was really loving the romance in BG1 so,nasty surprises aside,I'm getting really excited to replay it (hopefully I won't break it!),it will be a pleasure to savour certain passages again,thanks to yours and domi's awesome job ;)


Now onward,to futility! (i.e.,trying to install everything in the correct order at first attempt :laugh: )



Have a really nice day :D

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Old = Having lived or existed for a relatively long time; far advanced in years or life.


Senile = Relating to or exhibiting memory loss or mental impairment associated with aging.



My english may be bad and my vocabulary scarce,but I never use words randomly :laugh:


And indeed,I guess given Xan's view on certain things,it couldn't be otherwise,feelings or not,or there would be a risk of being OOC :)



A good day to everyone ;)

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