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Bug in Icewind Dale - HoW, GemRB 0.6.3.

Guest Nivel

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Hello! Tried to play Icewind Dale through GemRB and found such bug: trolls in Dragon's Eye, at first, looks like Sarevok from BG1, and in second, can't be killed, because they can't be knocked out :) In fact, they can be knocked out, but only for a half of second, no time to finish them by fire :laugh: In original IwD there is no such problem... Can it be fixed?




PS: sorry for my poor English, not my native language

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More like an orog. I can reproduce the problem and it really appears to be a troll. We have the correct entry in the avatars table though ... investigating.


The death issue is script related. With careful timing you can kill them (eg. with flaming oil), but we'll need to fix it properly. Could be just a script problem though, my weidu decompile of eftrolg has plenty of syntax errors (!Dead("YSELF)") // YSELF)).


edit: Ok, fixed the animation. :)

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Excuse me, a little correction: trolls still cannot be killed, they only can be knocked out, after this they stay on the ground, totally ignoring fire...

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