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SCS2, BG1, Tutu?

Guest BachFan

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Guest BachFan

Okay, so I've JUST gotten BG1, and was thinking of installing EasyTUTU so that I can play BG1 with BG2 races and rules and whatnot, but I see that SCS2 is incompatible with easytutu?


So if I wanted to play the complete saga, BG1 through ToB, yet I wanted to use SCS2 in the BG2 part, I cannot install easytutu and should just play BG1 with its original system?


This makes me sad if it is true, as I both really want to play BG1 with Easytutu, and really want to have SCS2 on the BG2 portion of the game.


What would be the best way for me to proceed here?

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EasyTutu doesn't include SoA or ToB, which is why SCS II isn't compatible with it.


After completing an EasyTutu game, you can import it into BG2, where you could use SCS II.


Alternately, you could use BGT instead of Tutu. BGT is a single continuous game that spans from BG1 through to ToB.


In either case, don't forget about installing the original SCS for the BG1 portion of the game.

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