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Vengeance Incarnate

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I graduated, will probably start doing stuff at some point soon. Still don't have a computer I can get online with with modding stuff, though.

It seems yet another great project is going down the drain. :)

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I'm glad you're still going to work on this. I was always curious to see how Elai would turn out, and Mur'Neth is one of my favorites to bring along when I Tutu, so I have high hopes of interesting NPCs! I also think of the project sentimentally from my Days of N00B, since Icelus and you were the other new modding kids on the block that stood out to me when I first started asking questions. :)

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The new version of Elai is a lot darker and more secretive than the previous one... I'd like to think that over the last two years my writing has matured along with my coding abilities.

This might explain why Icelus is the only one out of the Modding Class of 2003 who's done a release of his first planned modding project. He didn't pick a NPC. :)


I feel like every six months or so, I learn that much more about modding. Rewrites and edits ensue. My first few months of working on Surayah were filled with enthusiasm, but not a lot of practicality or insight about how I was going to accomplish my goals beyond, "Make kewl mod!" As time passes, it only stands to reason you look at the project with different eyes.

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