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SHS: Worldmap Mod Updated

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Spellhold Studios


The BP-BGT Worldmap mod replaces the in-game worldmap with a new, larger rendition. It is especially useful for mega-modifications (BGT, TDD, SOS, CtB, TS, DSotSC, NTotSC, SoBH, Drizzt Saga...). The user has the option of installing one of two worldmap sizes and the mod includes a full set of coloured map icons. The mod also includes a saved-game converter for updating your current saved games to use the new worldmap.


Summary of what is new in version 8:

  • Many bugs have been fixed, including the bug where it would take 20 hours to travel from Waukeen's Promenade to another part of Athkatla.
  • The mod has been split into several smaller parts. Certain bulky files are now downloaded separately.
  • Some compatibility issues with other mods have been resolved.
  • The content has been slightly tweaked. Among other things it is no longer possible to travel to the Cloakwood mines from the Ankheg Farm area when "Revised Travel Times and Area Visibility" is used.

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