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SHS: Miles NPC Announced


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Spellhold Studios




1 half-elf NPC

1 thief class with default kit

1 3/4 cups nature paranoia

1 moose encounter, fresh in memory


1 tsp tough-love

1/2 cup Athkatlan origin

6 servings of crude/inappropriate jokes

1 PC (and party, if applicable), recently escaped


Add NPC to mixing bowl along with class, Athkatlan origin, and tough-love. When mixed appropriately, mixture will appear shifty.


Fill pan with nature paranoia and heat until nearly all discretion evaporates, leaving the paranoia concentrated. Transfer NPC mixture to pan and let sit for five minutes, stirring occasionally. Slowly add moose encounter (adding too quickly will make mixture highly volatile) while stirring.


Pour over six servings of jokes.


Finally, add PC and party. Mod is finished as soon as banters and interjections begin appearing on the crust. Season with player-initiated dialogue and salt to taste. Best enjoyed in the city.


** Side effects of consumption include quick bouts of giggles and difficulties with breathing. Consult your doctor before cooking, as fumes from nature paranoia may cause an irrational fear of squirrels.


For free samples, click HERE to go to the mod page on the website, and click HERE to go to the mod forum!

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