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Casavir romance without Bishop

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Bickering. A lot of bickering.

And maybe a moment of paranoia. But nothing significant if I remember correctly. Casavir will talk out all his sweet talks on his own. :)

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You don't miss much, really. If you bring Casavir to the Temple of Seasons, Casavir will have a dialogue with the PC when you find a hero's grave. It's a vanilla game dialogue. Bishop comments on it as part of the Bishop Romance. After that, there's a mod-added jealousy dialogue, but it isn't really major.


Mostly, it's just snarking between the two men.

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Thank you for the replies. Now I have Bishop in the group as it is required for rescuing Shandra (good way to see what I will miss).


One question: How serious are the replies of the PC to be taken? After giving the knife to the child, the dialogue with him ended with him speaking about having the PC in his bedroll and I had the choice between a definite "no" and "I always wanted you". Seeing how he is in my group for not more than an in-game hour or so, I thought the latter rather ironically - if I say something like this, how does it influence the romances of both men?


And a general question: How do I recognize a mod-added dialogue in the game, if it is at all possible?

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With Bishop, if he's talking to you at all, it's mod added. With Casavir, if it doesn't have Old Owl Well in it, it's mod dialogue. Except for one cutscene that takes place in Crossroad Keep, a confrontation between Bishop and Casavir, it's all mod-added.


I had a hard time keeping Bishop's romance active, so I'm the wrong person to ask about that. I would have to reload every conversation repeatedly. I modified my local copy of the mod and added my own private "I'm sorry, okay!" to Bishop's dialogue, actually.


Casavir's romance is a lot harder to kill, and if you do, you can apologize and get things rolling again.

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