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IWD Multiplayer Crashes


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Ugh. I just got my girlfriend and my buddy IWD, we all installed the exact same mods in the exact same order, and I thought "Let's play multiplayer together!" Well, no. Every time I try to start up multiplayer, it CTD on me. I'm pretty sure the other two playing can at least start up multiplayer fine, but not me. I click Mode: Multiplayer: TC/ICP or whatever it is, and it says "create game or pregenerate character". If I click "Pregenerate Character", it lets me do that. If I click "Create Game", it looks like it's thinking for a moment, then crashes. I am using Windows 7. Does anyone know why this is, or how I can fix it?


EDIT: It happens to my girlfriend, too. Not sure about my friend. I should clarify, I can get to the point where I set up the name of the session, my player, and the password, but when I try to start it, it crashes.

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but when I try to start it, it crashes.
Does it actually Crash to Desktop, or does it just 'load without loading' ?

As the one thing that usually happens in IE games is that, for one to actually start a multiplayer game, you need to enable the game to bypass the Windows Firewall... and you do that from the Desktop, and when you come back to the game, it has loaded the multiplayer creature settings view that's next.

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It exits the game and takes me to the desktop, which is greatly inflated (all the icons and the background are huge). I can see the IWD icon in the little menu at the bottom, but it doesn't come up when I click it. I have to use task manager to end it, then everything goes back to normal.


EDIT: The very first time it did that, a popup saying "do you want to allow this program to blah blah blah" popped up, which I said yes to. Is it that I have to manually go and enable it through my firewall? or is it something else?

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Right. So, it has nothing to do with the firewall. After doing a bunch of fiddling with the ports, then finally turning it off altogether for a short while, it STILL refuses to work as soon as I hit "create game". However, after seeing some things online, I found that if I have it in windowed mode (instead of fullscreen), it actually takes me to the next section, to create characters. While this is a huge improvement, I am wondering if there is any way to fix this so I can have fullscreen multiplayer? I will use windowed for now, and get an update on my situation up if I have any more problems.

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