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Deprecating "randomise items"?


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I wrote SCS's "randomise items" component without realising that Wisp was working on a randomiser mod. Having put the time and effort into performing the randomisation, I didn't want to forget about it, so I shoved it into SCS. But now I need to correct some bugs in it, and at this stage I'm not at all sure there's anything SCS's component does that Wisp's mod doesn't do as well or better. If so, it's a bit silly to keep trying to keep my parallel version up to date, especially considering it's one of dozens of components in SCSII and I already have my hands full keeping it up to date.


So: at the moment I'm inclined to remove the SCSII randomiser component and advise people to use Wisp's mod instead. I thought I'd better check first whether there's anything I'm missing here.

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Maybe Wisp could implement them in his mod.

Optional randomisation of items across the expansion boundaries will be introduced in v7.

Item Randomiser already randomises some of the bonus items, though I have limited myself to some the more egregiously powerful bonus items thus far.



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