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Proof-read, anyone?


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Well I have no idea what D-code is, but I'd be willing to proofread for you.
Well, D-code is the code the installer(the renamed WeiDU.exe) uses to read the dialog's files to implement then into a game, a few script start commands etc. so it's the dialogs text and consequence of each pick from the dialog 'tree'. The name comes from the file the D-code is in, a .d-file which the installer then makes into a .dlk that the game can actually use... or so I would assume. So it's pretty much just the dialog text the mod contains. You open the file with Notepad and could see something like this:
//PCs barters with Esiriak





IF ~InParty("IJ#Esir")



Global("Esiriak-PC","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN IJ#esirA Esiriak-PC1

~I can see you have something in your mind, so speak out with it.~

DO ~SetGLOBAL("Esiriak-PC","GLOBAL",1)~

++ THEN REPLY ~So I was curious, how did it happen that you ended up in Mind Flayer form, Esiriak.~ + Esiriak-PC-1

++ THEN REPLY ~Never mind.~ + Esiriak-PC-2

++ THEN REPLY ~Ah, no. I don't want to know anything.~ + Esiriak-PC-3




IF ~~ THEN IJ#esirA Esiriak-PC-1

~Ahh, well I put this Robe on and puff, I became a Mind Flayer.~

++ THEN REPLY ~So, can't you just, ah well, change back to human form?~ + Esiriak-PC11 EXIT




IF ~~ THEN IJ#esirA Esiriak-PC-2


++ THEN REPLY ~No, stop poking in to my mind and stay out!~ + Esiriak-PC-4 EXIT




IF ~~ THEN IJ#esirA Esiriak-PC-3

~Well, in that case I might as well leave, bye.~ DO ~LeaveParty()~ EXIT




IF ~~ THEN IJ#esirA Esiriak-PC11

~Hey, I am an Abjurer, I resent that, but... no. But hmm, why would I even want to be a lowsy human? I am a Tanar'ri after all.~

DO ~SetGlobal("EsiriakConfess,"GLOBAL",1)~

++ THEN REPLY ~What, you are a demon?~ + Esiriak-PC-5 EXIT




IF ~~ THEN IJ#esirA Esiriak-PC-4

~But the poking is the most fun part to have in this form!~

++ THEN REPLY ~Form? You said form, so how did it happen a mage of your status ended up in this form, Esiriak?~ + Esiriak-PC-1 EXIT




IF ~~ THEN IJ#esirA Esiriak-PC-5

~Yes, a demon.~

++ THEN REPLY ~But...~ + Esiriak-PC-6 EXIT




IF ~~ THEN IJ#esirA Esiriak-PC-6

~Yes, good news, a demon can be a mage, and that's that. Now shall we go, or shall you just stand there and look me like an idiot, all day long? I could eat your brains you know, but confused brains just taste bad.~


And yes, there's even a spelling mistake for you to find.


And no need to do that... and nope, I don't want to Proof-read the Domi's mod... I am really bad at that stuff.

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