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WAVC to WAV bug

Guest ustar

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I found a bug in DLTCEP

I used function Sound>WAVC to WAV to change Baldur's Gate WAV to normal WAV.

Strange thing is that decompressed WAV can be played by almost every player,

but game does not play it from SOUNDS directory (recognize but not play sound).

Then I tried render it again with Winamp disk output and everything is ok.

I compared the files using binary mode and I found one difference.

One bit that causes error in game sound playback is hex 04 instead of 02

and is located at address hex 00000020 in .WAV file


00000020: 04 02



I also note that WAV to WAVC copression is not so good as in game, because

compressed files by DLTCEP seem about 2,63x larger than originally compressed.

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