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Proofreading wanted for 2 NPC mods


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I'm currently working on two NPC mods that need proofreading.


One is the Yeslick NPC by Tameon the Dragoon and myself. 9 PC dialogues, about 50 interjections and around 35 and 40 NPC banters. Currently only the SoA portion is complete, but it definitely needs proofreading.


The second is a female halfling cleric. 14 PC dialogues, between 50 and 70 interjections and just over 30 NPC banters. ToB isn't done yet, but it'll have 4-5 PC dialogues, 16 banters and between 20 and 30 interjections.


Post here or send a PM if you're interested in helping to proofread either of these mods!

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