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[STATE_REALLY_DEAD] not found in [State.IDS]


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While installing some mods for BG2, I've been coming across the following error:


[Kivan/baf/P#DEHER.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 678 column 1-50
Near Text: )
[StateCheck] argument [STATE_REALLY_DEAD] not found in [State.IDS]


The same error occurred while trying to install CoM's Yasraena NPC mod. Both mods seem to install fine despite the error, but I'm puzzled as to why it has appeared, nor do I know how it may affect the game. My install's currently using WeiDU version 22600.

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That's something added by the BG2Fixpack afaict :(


Both Kivan and Yasraena got updated using some BWP-only fixes :thumbsup: ... I agree that it should've been mentioned in the readme though.


You can pwn those warnings by installing the BG2Fixpack core component before them :thumbsup:

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I am confused - Kivan uses all sorts of STATE_ things, but does not use STATE_DEAD or STATE_REALLY_DEAD; there are some


!Dead("mynpc") checks.



but nothing else like that. Is the BWP fixing stuff acting on in-game files, or on the mod files themselves prior to installation? If they are working on the mod files, it might be a good idea to let people know that if they use that fix set, they need to dump the files if they want to use them in other situations.

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Block from line 673 in Kivan\BAF\P#DEHER.BAF:


I'm using v12 btw :thumbsup: The original line was !Dead("astSeenBy(Myself)") :thumbsup: This change happened in either v10 or v11.


It was a BWP-only fix because it meant the mod would have to depend on BG2Fixpack but it somehow got inside the original package itself :(

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I am probably checking v9. I will need to update my ie_checkfiles directory.


And we will want to toss the "if no fixpack then append all these things" code in Kivan (many G3 mods actually check and deal with the gtimes, shout, and ids stuff.)

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Yes, please do. I would love mods that do not depend on the BG2 Fixpack. Honestly, I know little of this "BWP" thing going on lately. Some kind of new revolutionary way to make everything compatible or something? When I think of "Big World", I think of those rediculous Megamod-upon-Megamod installs, or the Big Worldmap mod.


But yes, I generally do not use the BG2 Fixpack. I admit I last tried it years ago, however I do recall it would randomly crash my game to desktop, whereas the install platform I usually use (latest ToB patch, Baldurdash fixpack & game text update) has always worked just fine. Granted, it does not fix all the bugs, but it does not break my game either, not even when heavily modded.

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Honestly, I know little of this "BWP" thing going on lately. Some kind of new revolutionary way to make everything compatible or something?
An automated userfriendly GUI installer, also trying to deal with compatibility issues. You tell it which mods and which components you want and it downloads and installs them. Standart version (with only a small selection of mods) afaik is considered balanced and bugfree.
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The Imp was summoned.

Mmm, perhaps. I never used it myself. But then, are two things really different?
Well, the difference between the BWP & BWS is that the BWP is the over all project and so the install order, partly the tools and the makeup of the "BiG World Install.bat", that's used to make the installation when the mods have first been extracted properly to the game folder.


And the BWS("BiG World Setup.vbs" which is used like a custom .exe file) is the automating GUI and tool that makes the whole process less mind boggling, as it downloads the proper versions of the mods, extracts them to the game folder and at the end starts the "BiG World Install.bat" that installs the whole thing.

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