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Yoshimo's kickout dialogue change...


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When you find Yoshimo again in Brynnlaw, his kickout message changes to reflect whether or not you've rescued Imoen(rather the game is checking to see if she is in your party). From here, Yoshimo will express the urgency of leaving Brynnlaw and you will have the option of taking him with you or having him wait until you're ready to leave.


The problem I'm experiencing is that after you've already left Brynnlaw, his kickout script doesn't revert back to the original, or anything similar to it. He seems to still think we're still in Brynnlaw, and the game is still checking for Imoen's presence. I can't send him back to the Copper Coronet in this manner, which is the most frustrating part.


For information's sake, here are the kickout scripts for comparison:


Ah, I see you have not rescued Imoen yet. Please,the wizards I mentioned are still in Brynnlaw and I attract attention by talking to you. It would be wise to leave me in hiding until we are ready to leave.




Very well, we shall return with Imoen.



Ah, I think I see Imoen among your number. We should depart immediately, yes?




Yes, we are ready to leave now.



I also noticed another dialogue state that seems to be an extension of Yoshimo's recognizing that Imoen has been saved, but he's never used it for me. I assume that it only fires if the player hadn't taken up Saemon Haverian's offer of using "his" ship and decided to use the portal instead, since the associated response makes a direct reference to it. There are also no associated triggers with it:

I am contented seeing Imoen back with us. All goes well, it seems Ilmatar smiles on us today. Please, make haste to get off this island, I feel I have stretched my luck far enough.


Our only way off is a portal in Spellhold, which Irenicus fled through. It is there we must go.



Is this how it's supposed to work? If not, how can I go about fixing it? My goal is to have Yoshimo recognize that we've saved Imoen and have his kickout script revert to his original one that will allow us to send him back to the Copper Coronet.

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Wanted to post an update on some of these issues that I'd figured out:


- Yoshimo was retaining his old kickout dialogue due to a global variable that needed to be set to 0. Once I did that everything returned to normal.


- Yoshimo wasn't able to use his starting Katana due to some alignment flags placed on it. I had installed a mod that changed his alignment to Chaotic Good, and Chaotic Good is checked among the unusable boxes. Doing a quick edit in Near Infinity fixed this.


- Yoshimo wasn't able to use the sword "Celestial Harmony +3" for the same reason as mentioned above, and again some quick edits in Near Infinity solved this problem.


So that takes care of that!

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I'm almost 100% sure that it's Keeping Yoshimo itself, because it has such a component. From the tp2:


/******************** CG YOSHI ***********************************/
BEGIN ~Make Yoshimo Chaotic Good~
COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~yoshi.*\.cre~ ~override~
WRITE_BYTE 0x27b ~49~

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Heh, well yeah, that probably makes him chaotic good but overlooks his equipment. It could probably pinch some lines of code from Level 1 NPCs to account for that, though I dunno if I'll bother looking up the code unless someone is actually maintaining this mod here (haven't seen Icendoan or Lemernis for some time, though who knows, they may reappear after getting bored with the other crap games out there nowadays :thumbsup:).

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Yeah it was in Keeping Yoshimo. I found it also strange that a second, more user-friendly Yoshimo's Katana(no restrictions) was added to the game's inventory files, though I suspect that it has more to do with story than with actual use. At first I thought this was simply to counter the original Katana not being usable by the "new" Yoshimo, though after reading some of the new dialogue I see this isn't the case.


Anyway yes, problem with the original Yoshimo's Katana and Celestial Fury resolved.

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