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Viewing area squished up/down in 1280*800


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Yeah, so, as per the topic title, when using this mod, my viewing area is squished. I say viewing area, because it's still in the 1280*800 resolution. I've taken screenshots, and when viewing those pics in my native resolution, they look fine. So, the issue seems to be that my monitor is just displaying those 800 pixels across a smaller portion of my screen. Just eyeballing it, it gives the appearance of being in, maybe, 1280*600 resolution, with black bars across the top and bottom. This only occurs when I'm using the widescreen mod, but it occurs in every working resolution that I've tried.


I've browsed this forum for posts about this issue, but I haven't seen anything. Has anyone seen this before, and can anyone help?


P.S. This is on BGII, and BG1Tutu... as expected, the issue occurs in both games.

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