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[MAP] effect of transparency


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First, I apologize for my english, which isn't fluent as I would like...I'm a french modder :D


I'm posting here because I've met a problem with my maps.

As you know, when you build a map with DLTCEP ou IETME, you have to indicate all the "search region", to determinate where the player can walk or not, and it creates your "search map" with color for every effect added to the map.


My question is: When you have an Arch, or when you want the player to walk under a bridge, for exemple, how could you create that effect on your map?


I've tried all the option related to the search region (like "stone, able to pass", or 1"-Roof in pink" and all that stuff, but I didn't found anything.....


If someone have the solution, it would be SO great!!^^ (yeah, I'm about to be in crisis because of that problem! ??? )




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