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[IWD2] areaload.2da


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I would like to bring a precision on the significance of this file. It seems that the third column was not well understood :

In IEDSP, we can read "The third column seems to set the world map icon of the area (isn't this set in the ARE already?)"



The areaload.2da associates an area with specific graphisms, as well as the localization affected on the worldmap (worldmap.wmp).


- The first column is the reference of the given area.

- The second column is the reference of the MOS file used for the loading screen.

- The third column set the localization on the worldmap with which it is associated. The name of column “MAPICON” lends to confusion. It is not a question to indicate which icon will be displayed, but rather with which place referred in the file worldmap (and by extension to which icon under which it is represented) the zone is associated.


When creating new areas, it is essential to modify this file, or else all the zones will be localized on the worldmap on Targos and will have the same screen of loading (first zone of the file worldmap, allotted by default)

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That's it.

And if an area have no entry in the .2DA file, a yellow square appears in the upper left corner of the worldmap (the first of the three in IWD2).


It's easy to make a test to check out that.

- Replace AR1000 by AR2000, in the third column of the first line of the areaload.2da file.

- Launch the game, go to the Targos Docks (AR1000), then go to the worldmap : you're localized at the Shaengarne Ford.

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