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PC class determined inter-npc banters

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Hi all,


I just have a quick question, and hope to be enlightened. As stated in the title, I am wondering if there is any inter-npc banter that is PC class specific.


Spoiler alert...


I am asking this because,...

I remeber the first time I used NPC project, Jaheira had a specific banter with Dynaheir about teaching Imoen magic (my charname was an avenger). However, during my current fighter/mage playthrough, that specific Jaheira-Dynaheir banter never came up.

I think I have exhausted all party banters in my current game (Ctrl+I anyone ???), but that particular banter never showed up. Any reply is appreciated.

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If you're talking about the banter which starts with "If you're as good as you say, mage, care to help tutor Imoen in the arcane arts, should she decide to take it up?" - this particular banter requires Khalid, Imoen, Jaheira and Edwin in party(not Dynaheir).

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