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Do Weidu mods for BG work on GoG version?


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Hello, I'm thinking about downloading the GoG version of Baldur's Gate 2 so that I can always have a clean install easily available to any computer and so that I can play without a disk.


Does anyone know if the commonly used Weidu mods (NPC's, Tweaks, etc.) will work with the GoG version? Are they installed the same way?


Will the GoG Baldur's Gate One download work with Tutu?



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The only possible complication is with the ones that do exe patching, but that may also have already been fixed.
It depends on the patcher, but the Widescreen mod works with a GoG game.


What comes to the other WeiDU mods and GoG games, my advice is to not install it to the default directory if you can, cause the Operation System can give you trouble, as the WeiDU is not actually certified to them, meaning that your profile control system etc doesn't work with the WeiDUed games, so you had better just turn the things off...

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There was a guy over at SHS playing a GoG version of PS:T and asked if it was possible to zoom in because everything was so small. From what I can tell he was not using the Widescreen mod but the game was still in high resolution so GoG must have added that to their version. I told him to try the Widescreen mod but I don't know if it would work with the GoG version. Here's the thread: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/46951-camer...le-mod-for-pst/


If I were playing an IE game on such a monitor I'd lower the resolution but keep the aspect ratio because honestly this would be just too damn high res for me.

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