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Driel romance problem?

Guest Sanaya

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Hi. I'm recently playing IWD2 with your fantastic mod and finally the game started to make sense :D (talking friends in party group is the best part of rpg in my opinion) I am commited in one of the romance option of course :D with Diriel. I am in chapter 4 now but the problem with missing dialog options appeared earlier. I have Rizdaer in my party to but i have never flirt with him even once. Even when flirt talk option appeared. My female character is elf as romance require. I had a "kiss in the snow" dialog, and repeating dialog problem with Rizdaer witch i fixed by CluaConsole. I don't know what is the problem.


p.s. I am a real noob so if u want from me game stats u have to explain me how to get to them ???. The mod is great!!!

Please for quick response

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Hello again :)

I want to ask if the registration is absolutely necessary to get your e-mail to send my saved game? :) I'm only occasionally at your forums so i don't want to disturb with anything.

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