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Proposed change for core v6


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I'd like to propose a fairly substantial coding change for v6.


Right now, e.g., for ar1000 we have goboaxe.cre as Goblin Axe 1 and then four copies of it (#1000d9.cre - #1000d12.cre) to create Goblin Axes 2-5, and each gets a unique DV through its creature file. I'd like to back to a more IWD-ish system, in that we have all five of these point to the one creature file and then simply use the flag in the area file to set actor name as DV (bit 3 at 0x28). This would allow us to have the same end result without having to duplicate hundreds of creature files.


In the IWD engine this bit is essentially always on, so it could be applied universally.

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